Sunday, November 28, 2010


John, Lorelei and I went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great time with Memaw, TJ, Cody, Amanda, Uncle Walt, Chris, Rachelle and Sophie. We sure missed Aunt Jan, Uncle Mark, Aunt Jeannette, Uncle Marc, Lexi and Jack!

Lorelei sat with Memaw, ate goldfish and watched the parade.

Lo also sat with Daddy and watched Mickey Mouse.

Lorelei also watched the guys play catch and then wanted in the action. She played ball with Memaw and Chris and mom's dog, Opie. She was so patient in waiting for the ball to be thrown to her. She also played with Sophie. They had a great time and fun was had by all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving pictures after tomorrow. We are getting ready to go to my mom's for Turkey Day and then we will be headed to Auburn for Christmas. We have much planned and we are very excited for the holidays. We plan on visiting Harmon's Tree Farm, seeing Santa with some good friends, serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, having a small Christmas here before we go to NY (Lo is still little and really doesn't know what's going on so its a little easier) and spending time together. I hope there is snow in NY for Christmas, at least while we are there and not on the way there or back! What are your plans for the holidays??

Birthdays and Anniversaries for October, November and December

Since I forgot 2 months of Birthdays and Anniversaries I figured I would do those PLUS get a head start and do December as well!
Happy Birthday to:
Jessica Wilson (John's cousin)
Amy Wilson (John's cousin's wife)
Michael Wilson (John's cousin)
Ellen Wilson (John's aunt)
William Rhinehart (John's cousin's son)
Joann Friedel (John's aunt)
Jamie Howard (John's cousin)
Gabriella Garuccio (John's cousin's daughter)
Margaret Vasco (John's aunt)
Joan Wilson (John's aunt)
Tim Wilson (John's uncle)
Peter Edwards (my uncle)
Deanna Jenkins (John's cousin)
John Hanson (John's cousin's husband)
Benjamin DeMatteo (John's cousin's son)
Elias DeMatteo (John's cousin's son)
AJ Porfirio
Mike Rhinehart (John's cousin's husband)
Peter Wilson (John's uncle)
Ray Paseika (John's cousin's husband)
Jamie Wilson (John's cousin)
Scott Wilson (John's cousin)
Brian Hollis
Abigail Hendricks (John's cousin's daughter)
David Loysen (my cousin)
Sara DeMatteo (John's cousin)
Max Rietmann (my cousin's husband)
Jake DeMatteo (John's cousin's husband)

Happy Anniversary to:
Mike and Melanie Rhinehart
Kevin and Kim Friedel
Tom and Cindy Hendricks
Cathy and Ernie Howard
Rick and Lisa Wilson

Some Special Happy Birthday's go to:
my nephew Jack :O) He turned 3 on Nov 9!
my mom, Pat
my mother in law, Jeanne
and my sister Jeannette!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A ton of stuff to update on!

Yesterday we went to FunZone with our friends to play and what does Lorelei do? She gets in the exersaucer! Silly girl! She did not want anything to do with the Bounce Houses or bouncy things, in fact she wouldn't even go in the room!

Too bad Daddy and GodFather Uncle Kevin weren't here to play a game of b-ball with Lo!

She did jump on this thing though!

We were a firefighter for a little while too!


Here are some pictures from Halloween. Lo was Minnie Mouse and she loved it! We went trunk or treating at the church across the street from our house. She rode the entire way in her stroller. We had to start out saying trick or treat for her and then about half way through she started just sticking out her hand and when we were almost finished she started saying trick or treat and opening her bag and then saying Thank You!

Even Lola got to be Minnie Mouse for a little bit. Poor thing, Lo likes to terrorize her.

She is in constant motion any more and it is VERY hard to get a good picture of her.

This is what happens when you give a 2 and 1/2 year old a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing. Then you dump her in the bath!

I cannot believe she will be 3 in April! She is starting to talk so much more and you can actually have a conversation with her, in a 2 year old way. She knows a lot and loves the ABC song and singing and dancing. We read a lot and still LOVE Mickey Mouse.

We are getting ready for the holidays here and have gotten out the dancing snowman and have bought 2 singing Santa Mickeys'. We are doing a small Thanksgiving for us next weekend so there will definitely be pictures of that and then December and Christmas fun! We will be in NY this year and we are really hoping that it snows.

Our breakfast went really well and we are still selling t-shirts if anyone wants one. Hope for BraveHEARTS will be doing some fun Christmas stuff so please check back for more info! Please keep one of our board members in your prayers, she is an adult CHD survivor and is in need of a heart transplant. She is trying to be bumped up on the list, as she has had 2 strokes in the past few weeks and was rehospitalized 2 days ago.

I will be updating later in the week of October/November Birthdays and Anniversaries as I forgot to do them last month. I will also post pics of the projects I have made for the holidays but I am not putting names by what because I don't want people to know what they are getting!

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby Be Blessed

Y'all please check out, they make adorable dolls!