Sunday, September 2, 2012


This is absolute, favorite time of the year! When September 1st rolls around I get a little giddy because I know that first my anniversary is coming, 8 years, but then comes pumpkins and leaves and holidays!

I love pumpkin ANYTHING and will be starting baking VERY soon.

 I need to start thinking about Halloween costumes and what to do for Lorelei's class. Anyone have any good ideas? I love to make things so I think I will try to make something "crafty" for them.

Then comes Thanksgiving and cooking and baking for that. I love when we all get together at my mom's and just give thanks for what we have.

I have already started Christmas shopping. I know, I know it's really early BUT we don't use credit cards and I have a budget. Now I just need to think about what kind of Christmas cookies I will make.

But for now, I will start small and make some pumpkin somethings and get out my crockpot in hopes to use it for some yummy comfort food!