Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mickey Mouse Blanket and the Big Girl Bed

John and his Dad changed over Lo's crib to the daybed part and so far so good she LOVES it. She thinks its the best thing and every so often has to go jump in it. She loves being a 'big girl, no baby' but she will always be my baby.
John's Aunt Margie made Lo this Mickey Mouse blanket. Her whole family LOVES Mickey just as much as Lo does and she had this fleece that she didn't know what to do with and Grammy mentioned that Lo loves Mickey and viola a blanket was born! Lo has been sleeping with it ever since. I even have to sneek it out to wash it.

Playing with Grammy and Poppa

Running to her Barbie Car that they got her.
Always in motion.
Whee! She doesn't steer just presses the gas and goes! "It funny" she says!

Coloring with Grammy.

Lorelei and Lola

Wow that's a big tree Mommy!
Where ever one is, so is the other.
She was saying "I see you!" to her Daddy! It was hilarious.
Our first baby Lola!

Lorelei's Birthday Party

We played outside.
Lorelei and Delaney playing ball.
Lo teaching D how to color.
Beautiful Evie!
D and his "bah".
Lo didn't stand still much, she was running around most of the time.
A glimpse of Lo and Laney.
Lo telling D to color!
Handsome D!
Lo's cake that was Oh So Good!
Beautiful Laney!
Lo and Regan playing ball.
Heart friends: Evie and Lo!
The girls coloring.
Our diva!

Lorelei's morning started out well, she opened presents from Grammy and Poppa before Mommy went to work then we all met at my Mom's house for her party! She mostly ran around and played and ran and played. She had a tremendous amount of fun!

Cousins ~ Lorelei and Jack

My sister Jeannette and her family and some friends stopped over night in Newberry at my Mom's house on their way to Florida last week. Lo and Jack haven't seen each other in almost a year and they played together like they saw each other yesterday! It was so funny to see them together. They love each other don't they? We can't wait to go up to NY in July to play with them again! This started a week of fun for Lorelei because that day her Grandparents (John's parents) came down for the week.

April Birthdays

I would like to say Happy Birthday to:
Tom Ford (John's uncle)
Sydney Garuccio (John's cousin's daughter)
John Friedel (John's uncle)
Tom Vasco (John's cousin)
Marge Ross (my aunt)
Kim Howard (John's cousin)
Walter Edwards (my uncle)
Kevin Friedel (John's uncle and Lo's Godfather)
Cecile Edwards (my cousin)
Emily Brown (John's cousin)
Amanda Vasco (John's cousin)
Sydney Wilson (John's cousin's daughter)
Mike Wilson (John's uncle)
Bonnie Wilson (John's aunt)
Jordan Wilson (John's cousin's son)
Sandra Edwards (my aunt)
Carter Friedel (John's cousin's son)

A very special Happy Birthday to:
Tom Friedel, John's Dad
Lorelei! Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl! I hope you had a fun time at your party and with your Grandparents!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Weekend

So Thursday evening or Friday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa (John's parents) are coming in to celebrate Lorelei's 2nd birthday! My sister, brother in law, nephew, niece and friends are stopping overnight at my mom's on Friday on their way to Florida for their Spring Break. My other sister is also going to be here.

Friday night there will be an ice cream cake, party on Saturday and we (Lorelei, Grandma and I) are going to make cupcakes. Can anyone say SUGAR HIGH! Its going to be a fun filled weekend with lots of friends, family and love. We can't wait. I am hoping to take tons of pics.

We've been pretty busy getting ready for the party and in laws. I cannot believe Lorelei is going to be 2, although she did tell me the other day she was going to be 9! Oh boy, I think I'm in trouble! She is talking up a storm and even though sometimes you can't understand her, she knows exactly what she is saying. She loves to dance and play with the dog. This weekend should be fun!

Some Recent Pics

Lo and Elijah sittin' in chairs
At a birthday party at the Chapin Gymnastics place and all we want to play with is a ball!

At the Children's Museum, grocery shopping, making sure she has ALL the veggies.
Getting ready to go to day care, she is NOT a morning person!