Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peanut Head

So Lo has a new nickname from Gramma F, its Peanut Head. She very much enjoyed her stay in NY. She met my Dad and her Great Gramma Ross and Great Aunt Trudy. She also met her second cousin Joan on my side. She played with her cousins Jack and Lexi, and Aunt Jeannette and Uncle Marc. She also met the numerous Great Aunts and Uncles and second cousins on John's side.

She had another party in NY which she slept most of the way through. She was not happy with the cake and didn't want anything to do with it but for her sake she had just woken up and I don't think she was totally awake.

We went visiting tons of people and she felt the coldness of NY. We went shopping with Gramma F. We also raised money for Palmetto Hearts. She LOVES her Grampa, Gramma and Uncle Tommy and Great Gramma Friedel. I think she really enjoyed Grampa and Gramma's dog Max. He's a Huge version of our dog Lola.

So for next week, we have our 1 year dr appt with Dr. Bonnett, her pediatrician, so more shots :O( Then on Saturday we have the NICU Graduate Party at Palmetto Richland in the morning and then we are going to Monkey Business in Lexington to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Annabelle Baskets. Then on Sunday (the 1 year anniversary of Lo leaving MUSC) we are going back to MUSC to visit Shannon, Justin and Derrick.

Please pray for Derrick as he is having his first surgery on Tuesday. He's a strong boy and is doing very well. Please pray for his parents for the strength to get them through Tuesday and pray for the Doctors as they perform the surgery.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a quick update from NY.....

We are having a great time so far. Lo had a great b-day party and I will post pics of our trip when we get back this weekend. Lo is having fun meeting all of her NY family and friends.

Our friends Justin and Shannon had their baby this evening. He was diagnosed in utero with HLHS a congenital heart defect. Please pray for the family and the drs. We hope to see them soon.

If I get more info I will keep you updated. Have a good week!

PS It took us 14.5 hours to get to NY!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lorelei's First Birthday ~ Take One

So yesterday we had a First Birthday Party for Lorelei in SC, the second one will be in NY Sun April 19. She had a great time. We got to see some friends and her Heart Sister Evie came to visit as well! (She's the one in the bonnett.) Delaney also came to visit. (She's the one in the plaid dress.) One of her boyfriend's Tristen was there too! Her cakes were made by our friend Brian, didn't he do a great job??? It was SOOOOO good! Lorelei liked it too! We got donations for the Annabelle Baskets which was awesome! We appreciate it! She also got toys, clothes and some FABULOUS hair bows! I'd like to thank everyone that came. Lorelei had such a good time that she passed out as soon as everyone left! Now we are on to Easter and getting ready to drive to NY and her party there. We hope everyone has a great Easter!