Monday, March 30, 2009

My Irish Princess

Here are some recent pics of Lorelei. We gave her an early birthday present, a little ride on toy that she can also push. She looked cute for St. Patrick's Day. I also decided I would try to put her hair up and it came out as soon as we got in the car. I think she pulled it out but who knows!

Not too much has been going on here. We are just getting ready for the first party for Lorelei's birthday. We are having it down here in SC. The second one will be in Auburn the day after her real birthday.

We are also getting ready for Easter. John and I will be joining the Catholic church this year. John never made Confirmation and when I decided to join the church he decided to finish too. Then we will be driving to NY, that should be interesting. I will let you know what happens.

We are very excited to go to NY, my Dad has not seen Lorelei yet. In fact most people in NY haven't seen her yet. We will be sure to take lots of pictures of her with her second cousins!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pediatric Cardiologist Visit

Today Aunt Jan and I took Lorelei to see Dr. Shuler. Lo was great with everything including the ECHO. Dr. Shuler said that the pressures through her valve were the same as the last visit and her heart muscle was not thickening. He still thinks that the valve will require surgery at some point but the longer we can wait, the better. He is sending a report to Dr. Bradley (he did her surgery at MUSC) and we are going to continue to see Dr. Shuler every 3 months for the next year and if things still stay the same then we can start going longer without seeing him. Yay!

On another note, John, Lorelei and I have all had the crud. John has had it the worst. He had a severe sinus infection and bronchitis. I think mine may be my allergies and Lorelei had a virus!

Lorelei is still 'cruising' and loves to play with Lola (our dog). She definitely has my personality and John says he's in for it! She knows what she wants and if she doesn't get her way look out! I will try to post some pics soon!