Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Little Questions

This weekend, we declared a FAMILY WEEKEND! Neither John or I had to work and Lorelei was showing some signs that we just needed to hang out and be a family this weekend. It was great! Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market and went to the playground. While at the Farmer's Market, one of the girls who was cashing us out asked about Lorelei's scar peeking out from her shirt. (See Pic) Then it happened again today. We were swimming at a friend's house and her kids asked Lorelei about her scar. They asked her why she had scratches on her chest. (They know that Lorelei has had heart surgery but it has taken them 4 years to notice that scar.) It's those little notices that make me realize that my kid has a broken heart and sometimes it's the little questions that slap you back into reality. We will be seeing Dr. Shuler in 2 weeks and I am getting a bit nervous, but these little weekends where we just hang out as a family with no commitments are helpful!