Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Catch Up!

Yesterday we joined some friends at the Zoo! We saw the gorilla who didn't really care that we were there.

The kids were so happy to be there. We were on our way to the carousel. She loved that so much.

The three muskateers watching the Elephants.

This past weekend we went to the beach to visit John's uncle and aunt. Lo wasn't feeling so well so she napped with Daddy for a bit.

We found a bunch of shells!

She got her face painted.

We rode the ponies! She LOVED this, I hope she's not going to want a pony when she gets a little older.

We have been trying to get ready for spring! Lo helped Daddy plant some flowers.

We do crazy acrobatics on the chair (and scare Mommy half to death).

We went to the zoo back in January and this is Lo and E watching the shark swim around. They did this for EVER! It was so funny!

So we've been pretty busy as you can tell. In a month, my baby girl will be 3! Can you believe it?? I am trying to plan a Tinkerbell party for by birthday girl! It's going to be so much fun! I will be updating later!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

First off, the Hope for BraveHEARTS cookbooks have been ordered and are being processed as we well, as I write! We are taking pre-orders, the cookbooks are $12 a piece and contain a fun variety of 200 recipes! Leave me a comment if you would like to buy one and I will get in touch with you about how to get them. (We are supposed to have a PayPal button on the Hope for BraveHEARTS website soon!)

Secondly, I have been completely amazed at how God just places Heart Families into my life. During the month of Feburary for CHD Awareness and Heart Month, I received several new friend requests from Heart Moms and CHD survivors. I am so humbled by this. It is so nice to see a community come together like this! Also, Lo and I went to her first ever friend's birthday party for a little girl in her class on Sunday. I was talking to the girl's mom and she asked if Lo had a scar on her chest. I said yes, she has had 2 open heart surgeries and guess what her nephew (who was at the party) was born with TGA! I met his parents and now I have a new heart family friend! It is so funny how I meet Heart Families!

I am so grateful to have all of these wonderful people in my life. I am so glad that I no longer feel alone in the heart community. When we were first diagnosed we didn't know what to do but I think I may have found my calling. :O)

Last thing, I had to go to the dentist today for a toothache and now it hurts like the dickens and ibuprofen and tylenol #3 aren't cutting it, any other suggestions? I get it pulled next week because I AM NOT going through another root canal, after my last one I had lock jaw for a month!
Have a great week!