Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We had a cardiology appointment today. Lo did great. Her blood pressures were good and her ECHO looked good. Dr. Shuler was pleased with her. We go back to see him in December. Other then that, she's been trying new foods and has liked everything so far. Tonight we start with peas. She has already tried pears, prunes, bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes and green beans. Her newest is that she has found her tongue. We have started calling her Gene Simmons. She has also found her "woman voice" as her Daddy calls it. She screechs and thinks its funny. I will post pics soon. Hope all is well!

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Evie's Story said...

always a pleasure to meet another heart mom. Lorelei is beautiful!! blessings on her sweet life and continued healing for her little body!!