Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just wanted to blog about MUSC and PCICU. I have blogged about our journey and Lo's doctors so now its time for them! When we arrived in Charleston we went straight to MUSC and PCICU. PCICU stands for Pediatric Cardiology Intensive Care Unit. The nurses and staff there are the most wonderful people! They take care of the parents as well as the patient. In fact everyone at MUSC makes sure that the parents are ok too! They make sure you have a place to stay and if you need anything at all they will make sure to tell you where you can get it or get it for you themselves.

Here are a few of the things that Lorelei received while she was in PCICU:

The hat was made by a mom that was there before us and it was her first hat at MUSC. We walked in one morning and she had not 1 but 2 handmade little blankets, one knitted and one crocheted on her. It was so thoughtful! And lastly, the hairbow and green checked blanket came in her Annabelle Basket. She was the first to receive an Annabelle Basket.

When she moved up to 7C her nurses again made sure that we were ok and made sure we didn't need anything. There is also a book cart run by volunteers at a church (forgive me since I don't remember which church or what the organization is called) that comes by every Thursday. They gave Lorelei a book and I was so thankful! Again it was so nice of others to think about us and our child!

This is something she received in PCICU during her recovery of her second surgery:

It was good that she received this because she sleeps with her lovie and blankie which were with her at all times in the PCICU except when she threw up on them. It was nice that it was given to her because her lovie was being washed. When I read the card that came with it, I was excited. It was from a family that I met through Palmetto Hearts and she and I talk on Facebook. It was nice to actually meet them at the CHD Conference this past weekend!

All of these items will be kept in a special spot when she doesn't want them or play with them anymore. They hold a spot in my heart and I will cherish them forever. So why am I writing this post? Well, you see, I knit and sew, and I am going to try to knit some small Prayer Snugglies (my name for a small blanket that I pray over while I knit it, so it will comfort the one that it goes to) and also sew some small Cuddlies (small blankets I will sew out of minky fabric, if you don't know what that is, its the softest fabric!). Once I get them done I will take pictures and post them. I am hoping to get them done before September when we go down to Charleston for the Heart Walk. I also was wondering if any of my crafty, creative friends would also like to make some things to donate to the PCICU. It seems that there are a tremendous amount of babies going in to the PCICU and I would like them to get a loving treat from us!

For those children who are on 7C, we are still working on the BraveHEART Baskets and trying to get them to the children but it seems to have hit a road block. There are baskets there but not being handed out. We are in the process of remedying that so all the children will be able to get a little something while they are at the hospital!

If you would like to donate please contact me at jessaro77@yahoo.com and I will let you know where you can mail the package! Thanks so much!

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RHONDA said...

You are absolutely right...PCICU and
7C are awesome.. We were so blessed by them. Zeb was there on Easter and he got an Easter basket...His 1st.

Thanks for sharing..Love the new shirts..I still got to order one..Zeb is outgrowing his other one..