Sunday, February 7, 2010


In my book, all heart moms are heros. They advocate for their child when they are newborns and continue to do so throughout their lives.

In Lorelei's life, I believe she has at least 3 heros.

1. Dr. Luke Bonnett, Chapin Pediatrics
He heard a murmur in her heart the morning after she was born and he decided that if it was still there the next morning he was going to get an ECHO just to make sure nothing was going on. Well, obviously, he still heard the murmur and we got an ECHO done. The ECHO showed her heart defect. I thank God everyday for this man since he heard the murmur and saved my child's life.

2. Dr. Osbourne Shuler, University Pediatrics Cardiology
He was on call the weekend that Lo was born and he came in to explain to us what her defect was and what was going to happen. I love the compassion he has for his patients and their parents. He always explains everything that is needed but also makes sure that you don't miss a thing in your child's life. I know that God sent him our way to be Lo's doctor.

3. Dr. Scott Bradley, MUSC Children's Hospital
Our daughter's surgeon that has saved her life twice! He is a great surgeon. He takes his time with his patients and makes sure that all is done well! I know that God works through him to save children!

Lorelei has other heros in her life like the nurses at Chapin Pediatrics (Karen, Candi, Tina and Tara), even though they give her shots :O), the nurses and ECHO techs at University Pediatrics Cardiology, even though she gives them a hard time EVERY time we are in there, and the nurses, occupational therapists, respitory therapists, fellows, child life specialists and anyone else who came in contact with Lo at MUSC. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of Lorelei the way you do!

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