Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guess What?

We got a "See you in 6 months!" This is so exciting for us, the first time in almost 2 years that Dr. Shuler has said this to us! Lorelei did excellent during the ECHO, didn't fuss at all. (Thank you bottle.) So here are the points that came out of the appointment:
  • There is still a narrowing below her aortic valve, Dr. Shuler is not sure whether its the tissue growing back or its part of her VSD patch. If it is part of the patch then it should grow with her.
  • Her pressures are in the lower 40s as opposed to the last time it being in the mid 30s but he doesn't seem worried about that.
  • The reason that the tissue might grow back is because when they are as little as she was for her second surgery they can't be as aggressive as they would be if she was bigger.
  • Her valve seems to be growing.
  • IF she would need another surgery down the line she probably wouldn't need valve replacement, just to 'carve' the tissue out again.
I am very happy to have a good report but also hate that others are not getting those good reports. I pray for all of the heart babies and kids every day. Thank you for all of your prayers! So now Lorelei can just be a toddler and run and play and have fun. Our next appointment is in August, wow last's a long time away!


RHONDA said...

Congrats for the 6 mths...We haven't been to that yet, but I hope we can one day..I am praying that it is not growing back...praying praying praying... So glad for the good report..I know you were holding your breath girl ...I usually do ...
Praise the LORD!!


Sharon Chase said...

Hip, hip, hooray! Go, Lorelei! So glad for your good news.

Evie's Story said...

GREAT NEWS! Yay Lorelei! Oh Jess - those bangs are TOO CUTE! She looks like a big kid!