Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some Cardiology News

On Tuesday, Lorelei made our 6 month trek to Columbia to see Dr. Shuler her Pediatric Cardiologist. She was super good, she let them take her blood pressures in her arm and leg without a problem, get her weight and height and let Dr. Shuler listen to her, and after each thing she asked for a sticker. It was super funny!
Then it was time for the ECHO. She was SO good, even the sonographer said she couldn't believe she was 3 because of how well she was cooperating. We didn't even have a toy! It took an awful long time but she wanted to get the best pics she could since this was her first time seeing Lo and didn't really know her heart.
So then the moment of truth when Dr. Shuler walked in. He said her valve is growing right along with her and everything looked the same and then he dropped the bomb. She will have to have another open heart surgery to remove some tissue that has grown back. He said he noticed it about a year and a half ago but it hasn't grown since then. He feels that is would not benefit her to have that her whole life.
So the plan is to send her pictures and report down to Dr. Bradley, her surgeon, at MUSC in Charleston and see what he has to say. We will go back to see Dr. Shuler in December and see what the plan is and I will let you know what happens.

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Evie's Story said...

Aw heart dropped when I read shell need another surgery. Know she's in the best hands, but it never gets easier, does it? Let me know when there is a plan in place. We love Lo!!