Monday, September 28, 2009

She's Back!

So, Lo is pretty much back to normal. She's trying to climb and getting into things that she shouldn't be. We are still housebound but go to see Dr. B her pediatrician tomorrow and Dr. S her cardiologist on Wednesday! People have been great and I want to thank Shannon and Justin for the wonderful Chicken Divan and Brenda for Baked Spaghetti and Chicken!

We are still doing laundry and trying to get into a routine. Tomorrow Lola comes back and that should be interesting. I will update tomorrow after the appointment with Dr. B. Until tomorrow, enjoy these pics from the past few days! (Yes, she did have to have stamps on her foot!)


Evie's Story said...

she is one tough cookie - she looks awesome, not like she just went through HEART SURGERY!

We brought a gift for her down to Charleston hoping to see her. So glad to hear from Kathy and Joy that you'd been discharged!

Yes, let us know when you are up to getting together!

The Carter's said...

Yay Lo!! So glad she's back to normal. It was great seeing you guys yesterday. Keep us updated on the doc's appts, and let us know when you get bored!!!

RHONDA said...

She is so cute...!!! SO Blessed to see these pics and to know what God has done in her life! Hugs~
Rhonda Lyle