Sunday, August 22, 2010


We went to Wyoming for my cousin's wedding. It was really fun and the pictures from the first half of the weekend were deleted by Lo but my sister said she would send me her pics so that will be another post. It was Lorelei's first time on an airplane. She LOVED it. We flew out of Charlotte, we (my mom, TJ, Aunt Jan and Uncle Mark) met up with Aunt Jeannette and Jack in Charlotte and flew to Minneapolis then to Jackson Hole. It is beautiful out there. We saw buffalo.
We took pictures while driving.

We played on the playground!

We went to the top of a mountain!

Lorelei didn't care that we were up 10,000 feet, she just liked the horse on the fence.

We were only up there for a few minutes because a storm was rolling in.

Uncle Mark helped push Lorelei up the mountain.

We were at the "Top of the World."

This was the sunrise the morning we left.

She was tuckered out. This is how she fell asleep, sitting up on the airplane.

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