Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have a date for Lorelei's surgery. She will be having it on Sept 9. We will have to be at MUSC on Sept 8 for pre-op stuff. John's parents are coming down to spend some time with Lo before she goes in to surgery too.

John and I want to clarify something too: It Is Open Heart Surgery! They will go in and cut out a piece of fibrous tissue that is not allowing her valve to fully open. It also may return but the PC at MUSC did say that it could potentially be her last surgery and let's pray for that! Plan B is still to do a valve replacement surgery called the Ross Procedure where they would take her pulmonary valve and put it where he aortic valve is and then do a total valve replacement of her pulmonary valve. However, right now Plan B is NOT what we are doing and we are thankful for that!

I will be updating about her surgery and about upcoming events with Palmetto Hearts ~ like the Gof Tournament that is coming up on August 31st and our baskets that we are calling BraveHeart Baskets! Please pray for us, Lorelei and all the families that are going through this at Palmetto Hearts and across the country!

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aamarsh said...

Hey Friedels,

We'll be praying for this coming surgery date. You know Lo will be in wonderful hands, not only Dr. Bradley and his awesome team, but God's hands will be upon her too. We can't wait to see you guys this Saturday for our playdate! Elijah is all ready to share his endless energy with Miss Lo!

Lots of prayers and heart hugs,
Shannon, Abbie, and Elijah Marsh